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3 Most Important Things on Social Media

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

I am going to talk about the fundamental and principles on social media. Most of us enjoy using Instagram for personal use, but have you ever thought of how to position yourself more effectively in a business account?

Most of us struggle while creating content for social media. We tried to create monthly plan and it is quite the hustle. Why? Sometimes we take things for granted. We are conformed by the daily habit and goals that we forget the essence of relationship. It is communication. The easy way to do that is through conversation which you can do through social media. Here are the three most important factor on social media.

Social Media enables us to connect with other platforms
There are lots of social media outside of the big players. Have you discover them?

1. Social Media is a way of communicating with your audience

Starting your conversation with audience will help you to deliver the message your company has been trying to build. This is why posting your content regularly is important. In a relationship with your friends, constant presence is required. The same goes with social media. You want to engage with your audience daily and let them know of your presence. Just like hanging out with your friends, you should deliver interesting topic about your business with your audience.

2. Each social media serve different audience

You might think that linked-in is your online resume, but did you know that its marketing targets people with business mindset? Therefore, if you have a b2b product, linkedin might be the right choice for you. You won't see teenagers surfing around linkedin, therefore it eliminates unnecessary factor to certain extension.

Trip Advisor aims for travelers, trying to create social review and aims to dedicate its existence for tourism industry. Yelp is popular in America and other countries, they help people to decide what food is recommended for you. It means, if you own a restaurant, it is a good idea to invest yourself on those applications. Don't just focus on Instagram solely, hanging your fortune only on certain platform is not advisable. We can start from understanding the objective of each network, and the audience it presents.

It would be nice to spend sometime with each network, spend some time looking around to see the way people use it. By doing so, we can get a grip on how to start the conversation or what contents would be good to be shared.

3. Aligned your social media goals with your business goal

Maybe we are looking for faster way to respond to complains or maybe we try to tell the audience of yearly sale that we're so proud about. Whatever it is, make sure it helps you to evaluate your business KPIs. For example, you want to know how many people reorder your product. It is important because you can allocate budget in a better area, money do not rain from the sky after all. This way, we can identify our customer and pay more attention to them. If you want to know how to utilize social media better to get in touch with loyal customer, you can read my previous blog to understand leads better. After all, social media is a two way communication platform.

At the end of the day, don't forget your business goal. You will understand what kind of content you should develop. Engaging and inviting contents are better for attracting attentions, while being grateful will help you to retain loyal customers.

We are at the end of our blog already. Remember, the foundation is always important. We use social media to communicate with our audience in a two way street. Start aligning your social media goals with your business goals and choose the best platform. Following those steps will help you to perform better !

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