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4 Reasons Why Your Instagram Doesn't Perform Well and How to Improve

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

You own a business, you contacted an advertising or digital marketing agency and you asked for their help. You reached out your smartphone and started to google. You got 5 companies in mind, and you reached out to them. At the end of the day, the conversation goes like this.

"Hey, I need you to help me with my digital marketing, well at least my social media, what can you do?"

"Here are some things that I could offer you, I would suggest you to..."

I have worked as a part of advertising agency as well. Some of the clients got their traffic better than others. My question is are you the one with better traffic?

If you are not the one with better traffic after going to an digital marketing/ advertising agency, what might be the issue? Is it the advertising company's fault? yours? or both of you?

Capturing beautiful photo means beautiful content

Get The Best Help!

Having someone to take care of your digital marketing, internally or externally means that you're giving them responsibility to nurture your company. You can ask for the best baby sitter, however, the more children that he or she handles, means divided attention. To solve this problem, the number of baby sitters should matched the number of the children. By the time you're going to delegate your digital marketing or social media marketing to your staff or advertising agency, make sure you know that they are healthy enough organizationally.

I have worked on an advertising company and I have some friends that work on the same field. Seeing 5 people taking care of 30 accounts might not be ideal. For me personally, the way companies divided the workload and assignment will pay a big role in the growth of its client. To prevent your disappointment, I would suggest you to find out more about the company's team before hiring them and giving your babies to them.

Is your Content Interesting Enough ?

Take a good look of the unicorn of start up at your country. See how well they perform? They promote their products well, give promotions to the audience, meme sometimes and give testimonials. You might want to evaluate what's working and not up to this point and checked by yourself by asking this questions.

- Which content has good engagements? What can you do to improve?

- Which content fails your expectation? Don't do it again for a while, and see how you can improve it later.

- What content is working on your competitor? Copy and modified them ethically.

Those three questions are my guidelines in determining my next steps. If it doesn't work does not mean that your company sucks. It doesn't define your identity and neither should you feel that you're a failure. Move on by doing the three steps above.

Have you posted constantly ?

Being able to constantly post your content is essential. Having more constant posts will help the algorithm to show that you're an active account. Make a social media calendar to help you post a good content. By doing so, people know their expectation and what you have to offer. This way, you are pushing yourself to a point where giving interesting content is necessary.

If you take a look at the analytics provided by Google or any other social media, you can see that to raise the number of traffic requires more content. Let's say I want to reach 1,000 visitors on my website or 10,000 visits ! Which one is more likely to happen?

1. Having one super amazing content that could attract 10,000 visitors

2. Creating one content a day for a month that will gradually accumulate 10,000 visitors

If you're not a company with a well established digital marketing content, the second one makes more sense to you. And that is the idea behind my 30 days writing challenge. My goal is to get thousands of visitors in a month. Which means, on each post I just need 30-40 visitors. More attainable than having one post which generates 1,000 unique visitors. The same goes with your Instagram posts. To get more profile visit, e-mail contacts, and other leads, you need more posts as well.

Today's Trend

Knowing what's the latest trend helps you to create a more interesting content. Why? Simply because people can relate with what other people are going through. 9gag could be the source of viral things that you should look after from time to time. it can give you inspiration of the kind of humor people are looking for nowadays. Look for its sub account as well, they are a more targeted audience meaning that they have more similarity from one to another.

In conclusion, you can ask yourself these 4 things. One or two of them might be the reasons why your social media and digital marketing is not growing according to your expectation. 

Knowing them know, which one do you want to improve first?

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